Saddlers Ridge, Gillieston Heights

Civil Engineering

Saddlers Ridge, Gillieston Heights

Project Location: Cessnock Road, Gillieston Heights
Project Details: 414 lot residential development
Client Name: Mirvac
Estate Name: Saddlers Ridge Estate
Estate Value: $70 million
Commenced: 2007
Duration: approx. 2013
Project Managers: Brian McGregor & Tim Shelley

Project Management

  • Project Management of all stages of the development including coordination of sub consultants and utility providers, liaising with Council, Hunter Water Corporation and the RTA.
  • Administration of bonds with Council and utility providers.
  • Obtaining certification of completed works and subdivision certificate from Council and utility providers.

Town Planning

  • Preparation of Masterplan and Development Application for 414 residential lots and subsequent Section 96 amendments.
  • Coordinate, engage and supervise all sub consultants for ancillary reports.
  • Liaise with Council, RTA, Rural Fire Service and Department of Water and Energy to obtain additional approvals for roadworks, bushfire requirements and rehabilitation of the watercourse and address issues raised by each of these authorities.
  • Liaise with adjoining property owners to ensure integration of design with surrounding subdivisions and orderly provision of access, infrastructure and open space facilities.


  • Civil design of site regrading, roads, stormwater, sewer and water reticulation to service all lots.
  • Trunk sewer and water reticulation design.
  • Design of RTA signalised intersection to provide access to the site.
  • Coordination of sub consultants for the design of the artificial wetland and stormwater drainage channel, and proposed waste water pumping station.
  • Supervision and contract administration of all stages of construction of the residential development ,artificial wetland, signalised intersection and leadin water and sewer services.


 All surveying associated with residential developments including construction, cadastral and work as executed surveys

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