Hardys Bay Sewer Pump Station

Environmental Engineering

Hardys Bay Sewer Pump Station

Project Location: Araluen Drive, Hardys Bay
Project Details: Proposed Upgrade Works
Client Name: URS c/-Gosford City Council
Site Name: Hardys Bay Sewer Pump Station
Site Value: Approximately $100K
Commenced: November 2009
Duration: December 2009
Project Manager(s): Matt Owen

ADW Johnson were initially engaged to undertake a three dimensional (3D) survey of the existing Sewer Pump Station (SPS) and surrounds which would be used for detailed design of the upgrade works. Existing underground services and geotechnical test locations were also located to aid in preparation of the future works. This 3D survey was undertaken using ADW Johnson’s robotic survey instruments and processed in 12D. Final electronic data was submitted electronically in 3D AutoCAD format.

There is an active residential ‘action’ committee within Hardys Bay and concerns were raised about how the proposed upgrade works would affect the neighbouring properties. In order to access the visual impact the proposed works would have upon the neighbouring properties, ADW Johnson was again engaged to prepare a number of design illustrations depicting the aesthetics of the site post upgrade.

ADW Johnson met the client and Council representatives on-site and a number of hi-resolution photographs were taken from adjacent properties at key locations. The client provided ADW Johnson with a set of design plans which were used to construct a 3D model of the proposed upgrade works.

An indicative post upgrade 3D model was then created by combining the existing 3D site survey with the upgrade works model. The whole model was textured by mapping known textile properties onto the 3D mesh in order to provide an accurate depiction of what the site should look like.

The final images produced by ADW Johnson were submitted to Council and subsequently put on public display for review. ADW Johnson received high praise from Council and the public alike for the level of detail and realism of the final images.

As a result of the success of this project, ADW Johnson has since been engaged to prepare a number of similar images at other Sewer Pump Station sites throughout the region.

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