Landmark, Charlestown


Landmark, Charlestown

Project Location: Pacific Highway & Smith Street, Charlestown
Project Details: 5-9 storey mixed use development
Client Name: Kingston Piazza Pty Ltd Estate Name: Landmark, Charlestown
Estate Value: $18 million Commenced: 2004
Duration: 2008
Project Manager: Sandra Hutton (Planning) & Trevor Carter (Survey)

ADW Johnson joined the Landmark Charlestown team following their successful involvement in the Alto development, being the first multi-storey mixed use building project approved in Charlestown. The project represented a significant opportunity to deliver a strategic planning strategy and lead the way towards community acceptance of higher building forms within the local area.

We actively participated in design development with the client and project architect, and formulated, managed and reviewed all sub-consultant inputs – including visual, transport, landscape, geotechnical, acoustic and social/economic. We prepare DA documentation, including Statement of Environmental Effects and Local Context and Site Analysis, and were the main contact point throughout the development application assessment process, involved in direct consultation and negotiation with Lake Macquarie City Council.

Key planning issues which ADW Johnson successfully addressed included justifying landmark status and building height, form and relationship to the street against a complex set of planning and urban design controls and guidelines written on the assumption of six storey buildings and flat sites, assessing potential implications on development potential on adjoining lands to the south, co-ordination with Architects on what was then the new SEPP on design quality and operating in a time of significant planning change within the local authority, including gazettal of a new LEP and DCP part way through the assessment process.

Significantly, we provided preliminary planning advices in a ‘deemed refusal’ appeal for the project, and successfully were involved in negotiations with Council’s professional staff, consultant staff and Councillors which secured development consent prior to the appeal being held.

Following the successful approval of the overall project, we provided ongoing planning and clarification advices during the construction process. We also provided full advice, field work and plan preparation for titling of the project, and were active in formulating the appropriate titling structure. Landmark Charlestown represented one of the first stratum projects within the Lake Macquarie Local Government Area. ADW Johnson followed through on the proposals, securing development consent, undertaking the necessary field work and preparing final plans for registration in a timely, co-operative and professional manner.

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