Service Location

We are pleased to advise that ADW Johnson provides Service Location services in addition to our comprehensive list of land development services including project management, economics, planning, civil engineering, civil infrastructure design and surveying.

The accurate location and modelling of services is integral to every aspect of land development and infrastructure delivery. Utilising our in-house survey resources, we are able to locate underground services and merge this information with other detail and design data. This provides a more efficient and streamlined delivery of this critical design and planning information.

ADW Johnson is accredited with Telstra for cable location. Our personnel are also RMS traffic control accredited and have all the relevant Work Health and Safety training.

We are also familiar with the documentation standards utilised by various service authorities including Telstra, Ausgrid, RMS and Jemena. ADW Johnson can organise the location, exposure and survey of all forms of services including water, gas, stormwater, electricity, optical fibre and copper cable.

ADW Johnson is familiar with the entire integrated design service location process and is able to deliver every aspect including:

  • Dial-Before-You-Dig and third party searches;
  • Detail surveys and location of visible;
  • Structures;
  • Identify design conflicts;
  • Locate underground services by electronic detection;
  • Survey and overlay located services;
  • Coordinate service potholing and survey;
  • Provide plans and reports identifying service position and conflicts;
  • Resolve design conflicts and provide;
  • Re-engineered solutions.

Please contact our survey team at your local ADW Johnson office for further information.