Project Management

Astute project management is the key to the success of development projects. This field of expertise within ADW Johnson is regarded as the most critical to the success of the company and its clients.

The company is regularly engaged to determine the potential of development sites. Whether the potential be for subdivision, medium or high density, commercial or industrial, all aspects from planning, environmental and engineering constraints are considered. The highest and best use of the development site needs to be ascertained having regard to market conditions and site constraints.

Following the site capability analysis, development feasibilities are prepared to determine the associated costs for the different development scenarios.

The co-ordination of all aspects of the development is paramount to an efficient process. Sub-consultants with varying special areas of expertise are often engaged to address all relevant aspects of a proposal and to ensure a smooth approval process. Likewise, the co-ordination of design and construction considerations is just as important during the physical construction of the project.

ADW Johnson offers all aspects of project management to ensure successful projects are analysed, approved and developed.